What is haptonomy?

The aim of haptonomy is to help you become aware of what you feel. Aware of the things you experience within your body and the feelings associated with those experiences; feelings towards yourself and others.

In our busy everyday lives, we tend to handle and plan everything practically and efficiently, allowing our lives to be wholly determined by our thoughts. It seems that we’d rather rely on them than on the things our feelings and bodies tell us.

You may think that feeling is not that important, but remember: it is something you do all day long, even though you may not always be aware of it!

Experience tells us that it is very important to consciously integrate our feelings into our everyday lives – and thus also into our pregnancies. By doing so, we can rely on the things our bodies tell us and act accordingly, which enables us to interact with our environment in a more natural way.

You may think this sounds pretty straightforward, but upon trying you will probably find it far more easily said than done. This is where haptonomy comes in: it can help you gain the awareness you need to lead a more balanced life.